Biohumus – the future of agriculture

Growing vegetable crops, with the proper content of vitamins and microelements suitable for both humans and animals and free of toxic chemicals, constitute one of the greatest challenges of modern agriculture. The availability of fertilizers and plant protection products has eliminated, for many years, the problems concerning the low content of proper elements in soil, which function as growth stimulators, and helped to prevent diseases. Over time, farmers started to notice that the use of such products, despite the initial assumption, is not prospective and that existing methods facilitating the growth of vegetables lead to soil depletion and ecological calamity. Due to this fact, natural fertilizers for vegetables, including liquid humus whose positive effect on plants was confirmed by the research conducted by the Gardening Institute in Skierniewice, are becoming more and more popular. THE Total Humus fertilizer containing humic acid, humins and fulvic acids is a great soil improver which facilitates the growth of healthy micro-flora that can fight disease-causing organisms, parasites, elements and compounds that inhibit the plants development and are harmful to the natural environment. The humic fertilizer, which accelerates the formation of humus in soil, significantly affects its fertility and increases the volume of crops up to 40% while at the same time decreasing the content of toxic nitrates by 30%.

THE Total Humus – liquid manure for vegetable crops

Proper soil fertilization guarantees heavy yield. Until recently, mineral fertilizers were commonly used. They increased the content of micro elements in soil, but at the same time they had a disastrous effect on soil microflora. This led to the growth of micro organisms that started to damage plants at every stage of their development. Many farmers who wanted to avoid the loss of crops, used natural fertilizers, such as manure. However, scientific studies have proved that fermentation of organic waste causes strong acidification of soil and creates favorable environment for weeds, including horse sorrel, horsetail and ribwort plantain. Manure, until recently, considered as the safest and the most effective ecological fertilizer for vegetable cultivation, also causes substantial soil contamination with parasite eggs and disease-causing organisms while at the same time decreasing nutritional, taste and sensory characteristics of crops. Humic fertilizer is an innovative product which allows to preserve the natural biocenose of soil. It is derived from lignite and rich in humic acids that are five times more active than the same acids derived from other sources, including manure and compost. It contains only natural ingredients which are effective in fighting harmful microorganisms that can be found in soil and which does not antagonize the beneficial soil microflora. It also binds substances that are harmful for living organisms into chemical compounds that are not available for plants. It is at the same time a great soil improver that increases the level of nitrogen, carbon and hydrogen which are essential for the proper growth of plants. It improves the aeration of soil, provides oxygen for roots and prevents putrefaction. Liquid manure, which contains fulvic acids, guarantees proper lumpy structure of soil even on wetlands or overflowed ground.

The increase in mass and resistance to adverse environment conditions – highly profitable vegetable cultivation

Organic acids soil fertilization helps to deal with the basic problems of modern agriculture. Biohumus increases the growth of plant root system and protects plants from dry periods which have occurred in recent years. Deeply rooted vegetables can survive temperatures higher than 30 degrees Celsius, while preserving their nutritional and taste values. The preparation also reduces crop losses after hail or mechanical plants damage. As a natural, organic growth stimulator, it increases the growth rate of the green parts of vegetables, allowing their flowering and setting of fruit. Humic fertilizer, THE Total Humus, also increases the viscosity of cell fluid in plants, making them even more resistant to frost after their growth period. Humic fertilizers for vegetable crops are also perfect for treating seeds. They contain plant-friendly microorganisms and naturally eliminate parasites, bacteria and fungi which attack even before the germination phase. Ecological fertilizer for vegetables containing natural humin acids reduces the period of adverse effects of herbicides on vegetable crops which in turn considerably improves their nutritional and taste properties. Humic acid protects plants also during the storage period, preventing putrefaction.


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