Soil reclamation – profit-friendly and eco-friendly

Soil reclamation – One of the basic tasks of modern agriculture is soil reclamation. Soils that are depleted and poor in humus result in crop yield reduction and lower nutritional and flavor values of fruit and vegetables. In Poland, 25% of croplands are podzols, lacking in humus. According to scientific studies, in many parts of Poland, slightly humic soils constitute as much as 70% of all soils. Incorrect agricultural practices can contribute greatly to soil depletion. The basic factors that lead to soil exhaustion are prolonged cultivation of the same species of plants and lack of crop rotation. Also important is the use of fertilizers. The extensive use of mineral fertilizers has disturbed soil microflora leading to the disruption of its reaction and sorption properties and the extinction of beneficial species impeded the process of natural humus creation. Seeing the scale of the problem, farmers have turned to natural fertilizers with liquid humus being the most popular of them all. THE TOTALHUMUS fertilizer is an innovative solution that allows to reclaim soil in an easy way without disturbing the soil ecosystem. It is made from lignite, containing more than 90% of dead organic matter, and is rich in humic acids, humins and fulvic acids that allow to restore the microflora, impeding the growth of pathogens and eliminating toxic substances.

Farming and natural calamities

Soil reclamation allows to enrich soil in humus, which in turn leads to the creation of lumpy structure that is important for optimal soil aeration. Soil improvers in the form of concentrated humic acids are perfect for both loose and depleted sand soils that limit the plants access to water and mineral compounds and compacted soils whose main problems are impaired gas exchange and growth of anaerobic microorganisms. It is worth mentioning that scientific studies conducted in the recent years have proved that fertilizing with humus acids significantly boosts the creation of humic layer as compared to natural fertilizers, such as manure or compost that become largely mineralized, impairing the decomposition of organic matter. The preparation THE TOTALHUMUS is also perfect for restoring soil fertility after ecological calamities, such as fires or floods. In the case of the former, it restores soil natural flora and delivers the missing minerals, vitamins and amino acids to the crops. In the flooded areas, the humic fertilizer helps to restore soil sorption properties – it is estimated that humic compounds can hold up to 5 times their weight in water. The organic fertilizers used during land drainage prevent the creation of compacted layer on top of the soil that could lead to land erosion. Liquid manure THE TOTALHUMUS also restores soil buffer capacity, preventing its acidification and uncontrolled weed growth, as well as the multiplication of parasites, including the insects from the wireworm family that are especially dangerous to crops.

Soil reclamation after chemical contamination

Soil reclamation after toxic chemical contamination is especially difficult. Due to the industry’s development and the resulting pollution of the environment more and more lands started to be affected by this problem. In consequence, crops that grew on them were characterized by low weight gain and the accumulated toxins rendered them unfit for consumption. Humic acid, applied directly to soil allows to reduce the plants’ absorption of heavy metals, such as mercury, cadmium, nickel or lead, deactivating them by binding them into chemical compounds that are not available to plants. It needs to be stressed that the use of THE TOTALHUMUS fertilizer makes the reclamation of soil contaminated by petroleum, radioactive and chemical products much easier and quicker. By restoring the ecosystem’s natural properties it facilitates the growth of organisms that can decompose and neutralize toxins present in soil. At the same time biohumus minimizes the leaching of nitrogen and potassium, substances that are responsible for more than 50% of plants’ growth. Liquid manure THE TOTALHUMUS also increases the absorption of phosphorus by plants by nearly 70%. The problem that is being faced by an increasing number of farmers is the reclamation of soil after contamination by herbicides, pesticides and other plant protection products. The research on this preparation conducted by the Ornamental Plant Cultivation and Fertilization Department of the Gardening Institute in Puławy proved that the use of liquid humus fertilizer leads to fast growth of plants’ root system, shortening the period of time during which plants are affected by toxic substances and limits their chemical aggression thanks to high concentration of humic acids.


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