Seedlings – benefits overshadowed by problems?

Every farmer knows that high quality seedlings allow to obtain heavy crops and proper nutritional values. Young plants must have conditions favorable for their development. Even the preparation of seeds is very important because the seeds will have to withstand parasites – bacteria, fungi and insects living in soil. Until recently seeds were treated with chemical substances that protected the germinating plants against pathogens. However, research that has been conducted during recent years proved that these substances significantly disturbed soil microflora and resulted in the deposition of toxic chemical compounds in plants making it impossible for them to qualify as ecological. The solution is the increasingly popular humic fertilizers that boost the seed resilience allowing them to withstand parasites. An innovation on the market is THE TOTALHUMUS, humic fertilizer obtained from decomposed organic matter that is found in brown coal. It contains concentrated humic acids that hamper the development of pathogens present in seeds. It can also be used as an ecological fertilizer and soil improver.

Fertilizing with humic acids – properly prepared soil

Each seedling requires soil that was properly prepared. The most commonly used soil were deacidified peat mixes which thanks to proper aeration, light structure and water sorption properties provided plants with good conditions for development. However, the experience of many farmers showed that, already at the seedling stage, the soil must be properly fertilized if plants are to grow correctly and evenly. The mineral fertilizers that used to be so popular were not suitable for young plants. They increased the concentration of salts in soil which resulted in the burning of roots and as a consequence in a complete degradation of seedlings. The farmers turned then to natural fertilizers, the most prominent of which is biohumus that can be found in THE TOTALHUMUS. It is liquid manure free of toxic and pathogenic substances that contains humic acids, fulvic acids and humins. The last of these have unique electrodynamic properties that allow them to break large aggregates of molecules giving the compacted soil a lumpy structure that facilitates the development of plants root systems. Scientific studies have proved that humic compounds are perfect at storing water with the nutrients that are dissolved in it. It is estimated that the sorption properties of the humic compounds are five times greater than their weight which allows them to prevent soil drying and the creation of compacted, broken structure on its surface that significantly hinders plant germination and development. Also significant is soil pH. Acid soils lead to an uncontrolled growth of weeds that hamper the development of seedlings. It is also a perfect environment for the development of pests from the wireworm group whose outbreak may result in a complete devastation of seedlings. Liquid fertilizer, THE TOTALHUMUS, influences the soil buffer capacity that allows it to prevent excessive acidification, creating pH value that is optimal for plant development.

Humic acids – natural plant growth stimulators

Humic fertilizer has a number of nutrients – microelements, amino acids, vitamins and it also creates proper conditions for plant development. THE TOTALHUMUS is rich in auxins, that are natural, organic plant growth stimulators, and thus the seedlings need less time for reaching the stadium that is required for open-field cultivation. Substances included in the fertilizer that act as antibiotics stimulate the metabolism in plants, intensifying photosynthesis and catalyzing cellular respiration. The fertilizer can bind free nitrogen into chemical compounds that are available for plants and thus increases the absorption of this element by nearly 100%. Organic fertilization with THE TOTALHUMUS reduces the absorption of harmful elements, including heavy metals, which due to the nature of biohumus are naturally transformed into forms that are not available for seedlings. It should be noted that liquid humic fertilizer can also be used as a leaf spray which prevents outbreaks of pests and increases the growth of plant green parts. THE TOTALHUMUS is an ideal antistress product which might be particularly relevant when the seedlings are moved to a new place and the environment is not favorable. It is worth mentioning that this fertilizer is ecological and can be used for seedlings grown in greenhouses and plastic tunnels. Contrary to manure and compost, it does not contain parasites which develop due to the specific conditions under the cover.


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