Ornamental plants – cultivation details

Ornamental plants have specific needs regarding the place of cultivation and fertilizers. The key factor that determines their growth and proper appearance is the type of soil and the presence of decomposed organic matter. In many places the soil is poor in humus and has to be fertilized. In recent years, the most commonly used fertilizers were the mineral ones. However, the experience of many farmers has shown that the soil for ornamental plants needs to be supplied with nutrients in a completely different way. Natural fertilizers for flowers based on humus are becoming more and more popular. A worldwide innovation is THE TOTALHUMUS, a humic fertilizer whose main ingredients are humic acids derived from lignite. They are ecological and easy to apply which makes them perfect as soil improvers and plant growth stimulants. They are invaluable when it comes to sandy soil whose loose structure causes drainage of water and nutrients dissolved in it which in turn leads to low growth of root system and plant death. THE TOTALHUMUS accelerates the process of humus formation in soil, increasing the amount of water and nutrients that are available for plants. Humic particles have unique sorption properties and can hold up to five times their weight in water which stabilizes soil and provides plants with the amount of elements, vitamins and amino acids that is necessary for proper and even growth. Humic fertilizer is also perfect for improving soil with compacted structure which, by retaining too much water, leads to the rotting of roots and plants death. The fulvic acids found in humic fertilizer can break big and compacted soil aggregates into smaller elements giving the soil a lumpy structure that facilitates the proper exchange of gas and provides optimum conditions for the growth of plant root systems.

THE TOTALHUMUS – natural liquid fertilizer that guarantees optimal nutrition for ornamental plants

Ornamental plants are particularly sensitive to the lack of elements such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. The first of them is responsible for green mass growth that guarantees proper flowering. A sign of deficiency of this element is leaf chlorosis. Scientific studies have proved that both mineral fertilizer and natural fertilizers in the form of manure or compost do not solve this problem because the absorbability of nitrogenous compounds that are found in them is difficult to foresee. A perfect solution is a natural fertilizer for flowers that contains concentrated humic acids that facilitate the growth of bacteria from Nitrosomonas and Azotobacter genus which can bind free nitrogen into compounds that are available for plants. Ornamental plants require more potassium to flower properly and the development of root system is enhanced by phosphorus. Scientific studies conducted in State Research Institute in Puławy clearly demonstrate that ecological fertilizer, THE TOTALHUMUS, boosts the absorption of nitrogen by nearly 100%, the absorption of potassium by nearly 80% and the absorption of phosphorus by more than 60%. The above results are confirmed by research conducted by the Ornamental Plant Cultivation and Fertilization Department of the Gardening Institute in Skierniewice which shows that the use of THE TOTALHUMUS increased the amount of flowers, lateral shoots and general plant weight by 50% which in turn increased the amount of flower buds by 120%.

From seeds to flowers – ornamental plants under scrutiny

It needs to be underlined that ornamental plants require special care already at the very beginning, when the seeds are prepared for sowing. Liquid humic fertilizer may be used to treat seeds and seedlings, boosting their resiliency to pathogens – bacteria, viruses, pests and fungi. It guarantees proper pH of soil which in turn facilitates the intake of nutrients by plants. It was scientifically proven that excessively acidic or alkalic pH of soil hampers the transfer of ions to root system and limits the plant weight gain. THE TOTALHUMUS may be used as a plant growth stimulant. When sprayed, it is one of the best methods for feeding seedlings and plants during the growing season. It needs to be remembered that ornamental plants are particularly sensitive to stress. Moving the seedlings to the target place, unfavorable weather conditions or a difference between the temperature of air and the temperature of water used for spraying are only a few of the many reasons that lead to impaired flowering. Liquid manure THE TOTALHUMUS boosts the resilience of plants making them more weather resistant. By catalyzing the metabolism of plants it stabilizes their growth and improves their general condition leading to a greater number of flowers and better coloring of leaves and needles. It is worth mentioning that liquid humic fertilizer is very easy to use regardless of whether the plants grow in the open air or under cover. In contrast to solid fertilizers, it reduces the risk of overdosage and the problems related with establishing the right proportion of nutrients given to plants.


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