Humic fertilizers – benefits from nature

The cultivation of modern fruit crops requires not only specialized knowledge, but also the use of appropriate products which stimulate plants growth and prevent crop loss caused by adverse environmental conditions. The key aspect of fruit growing is properly fertilized soil. Fruit trees impose certain restrictions on solutions commonly used in horticulture and require the use of products which are effective and easy to apply. Liquid fertilizers come to help as a perfect solution which does not require soil digging and enriching it with minerals, amino acids and vitamins necessary for proper growing, flowering and ripening of fruits. It can be easily noticed that the leading fertilizers for fruit crops used to be mineral fertilizers. Nowadays, scientific studies confirm that the use of this kind of fertilizers lead to soil depletion which in the case of fruit trees means their deterioration. Fruit crops do not allow for frequent crop rotation whose aim is the reclamation of soil. Consequently, more and more farmers turn to humic fertilizer. THE Total Humus derived from lignite is an innovative product on the market. It contains humic acids, humins and fulvic acid and facilitates the formation of humus which is the richest source of nutrients that also guarantees proper soil water management. It is a completely natural fertilizer which does not contaminate soil with harmful chemical and organic substances. It was scientifically proven that biohumus contains humic acids that are five times more active than humic acids obtained from organic matter fermentation in the form of manure or compost.

Fertilizer which protects fruit crops against harmful microorganisms and adverse environmental conditions.

The use of ecological fertilizers in fruit crops guarantees that the crop weight will be greater by 10-20%, generating more profit. It is worth mentioning that THE Total Humus is a versatile humic product which can be used as a soil improver or plant protection product. It stimulates the development of soil micro-flora and thus eliminates the organisms living on fruit tree roots, ensuring the proper growth of plants. When sprayed on leaves, it increases their mass, supporting photosynthesis, and protects them against mold and other microorganisms that cause death of green parts. Liquid humus can also be used for crops storage. By thickening the fruit cell walls and eliminating microorganisms it prevents crops from rotting and helps them preserve their smell and taste for months. It is also invaluable during plant recovery, after prolonged draught or mechanical damage. It is a natural growth stimulator which accelerates the growth of leaves and allows for flowering and fruit formation even in adverse environmental conditions. It should be noted that the natural fertilizer, THE Total Humus, also retards aggressive chemical plant protection products and pesticides preventing the absorption of harmful substances so that fruit do not contain toxic substances used in spraying.

Strong root system – the basic condition of proper tree fruiting

Fertilization with organic acids has many benefits for soil and plants. Liquid manure has an excellent effect on fruit crops as it stabilizes and creates a proper structure of soil. By combining the particles of soil into aggregates, it increases its aeration which enables the proper development of root system and at the same time prevents the growth of anaerobic organisms living on plants. It can also be used for sandy soils, increasing their fertilization and cohesiveness, and for heavy and compacted soils, allowing for their proper aeration. Biohumus regulates soil pH and prevents its excessive acidification or alkalization as it leads to soil micro-flora degradation. By binding harmful substances in compounds that are not available for fruit trees it guarantees that fruit crops do not violate the standards concerning crops quality. At the same time, it produces nitrogen in the form that can be absorbed by plants. Humic acid contained in THE Total Humus can reduce salinity in soil and protect young trees against damages and growth disorders. It increases the number of colloids that can bind water molecules and therefore guarantees proper soil hydration even during prolonged drought, preventing erosion and the runoff of water and nutrients from the soil. Biohumus, being a natural growth stimulator, accelerates the development of vertical roots, thus increasing the plant’s access to water located deep in soil.


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THE Sp. z o.o specializes in natural humic fertilizers which prevent soil destruction and stimulate plant growth. Our work is our passion and the satisfaction of our Clients makes us want to discover new opportunities for ecological agriculture. The products that we offer have numerous certificates and their effectiveness was confirmed by a series of studies conducted in specialist research facilities. We are confident that our fertilizers are completely safe for humans, animals and the environment.


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