Humic fertilizers – ecological field crops that guarantee profit

Modern field crops require the use of special fertilizers that function not only as plant growth stimulators and soil improvers, but also as protectants against harmful parasitic microorganisms and toxic chemical substances. Mineral fertilizers that only a few years ago were used for almost every type of crop do not have long-lasting effects. They lead to soil depletion, which is the main cause of erosion, and facilitate the creation of compacted structure that limit the development of plants root systems. They lead to soil depletion, which is the main cause of erosion, and facilitate the creation of compacted structure that limit the development of plants root systems. Moreover, it has been proved that excessively high concentration of mineral substances can lead to the burning of roots and hence to plants death or a significant reduction of crop weight. Chemists and soil scientists agree that humus is an essential element that guarantees the proper growth and development of crops. However, it does not change the fact there are not many areas in Poland that are rich in humus. In many parts of the country, soils containing less that 2% of humus constitute more than 70% of all agricultural lands which significantly limits the number of field crops that can be grown in these areas. The growing awareness among the farmers makes humic fertilizers more and more popular. Containing humic acids of unique properties, they not only provide necessary nutrients for plants, but also make the soil structure more lumpy, facilitating its aeration. One of the solutions that contain concentrated humic acids, humins and fulvic acids is THE Total Humus. It is an innovative humic fertilizer which creates an optimal amount of organic substances in soil in a quick and effortless manner, increasing the yield of field crops. It also enhances the development of beneficial microorganisms, including the bacteria from Azotobacter and Nitrosomonas genus, allowing to maintain healthy soil microflora.

Organic fertilization as part of ecological agriculture

Natural fertilizer, THE Total Humus, derived from lignite, containing approximately 90% of dead organic matter rich in humic acids. This means that it is significantly more effective than commonly used manure or compost which quickly becomes mineralized and whose humification processes are slow and does not lead to the production of the proper amount of humus. Scientific studies conducted in State Research Institute in Puławy have proved that field crops sprayed with THE Total Humus fertilizer had greater crop weight and the plants retained the nutritional characteristics that conform with the strict norms of ecological agriculture. When the product was used in the cultivation of oil seed rape, the plant intake of nitrogen increased by more than 90%, the intake of potassium and magnesium by more than 70% and the intake of phosphorus by 69%. This resulted in yield that was heavier by 26%. The effectiveness of this fertilizer was also proved in the cultivation of corn whose intake of nitrogen increased by 110%, the intake of potassium and magnesium by more than 70% and the intake of phosphorus by 66%, resulting in yield that was heavier by more than 10%. It is worth mentioning that liquid humus can bind harmful chemical substances, including heavy metals, in compounds that are not available for plants. This makes it a perfect soil improver that can be used for soil reclamation. Once the soil is sufficiently prepared, the field crops may be cultivated even in highly polluted areas.

Liquid humus – solution for combating common problems with field crops

Liquid humic fertilizer stimulates the growth of plants root systems, making them even more resistant to drought. It also protects field crops against the adverse effects of herbicides, pesticides and other crop protection products containing toxic chemical compounds that are absorbed by plants with ground water, lowering their nutritional and taste values. Ecological fertilizers, such as the innovative THE Total Humus, guarantee the proper chemical composition of crops, allowing them to conform with the rigid norms regarding food. Biohumus can also change free nitrogen into compounds that are available for plants, allowing to get even growth at every stage of their development. It needs to be stressed that natural fertilizer, THE Total Humus, may be used as a micro fertilizer, a product that prepares soil for cultivation and allows for its fertilization during the growth of plants, as well as a product applied directly to green parts, enhancing their development, flowering and setting of fruit even in unfavorable environmental conditions caused by land flooding, hail or drought.
One of the product’s advantages is its ease of use. It is a water soluble fertilizer containing concentrated humic acids, making it easy to use. Highly efficient, premium quality and attractively priced.


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THE Sp. z o.o specializes in natural humic fertilizers which prevent soil destruction and stimulate plant growth. Our work is our passion and the satisfaction of our Clients makes us want to discover new opportunities for ecological agriculture. The products that we offer have numerous certificates and their effectiveness was confirmed by a series of studies conducted in specialist research facilities. We are confident that our fertilizers are completely safe for humans, animals and the environment.


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