Ecological fertilizers for crops grown under cover

Crops grown under cover, such as plastic sheets, agrotextile, plastic tunnels or greenhouses can not only be harvested earlier, but they are also more abundant and of better quality. Covers are perfect for early spring plants when the weather conditions are not favorable enough to allow them to grow in open air. Excessively low air temperature and ground frost cause the plants’ green parts to die, resulting in the destruction of crops. Growing crops under cover allows to raise the temperature around the plants by an average of 8 degrees Celsius allowing not only for seeds to grow, but also to keep samplings in good condition. This method is regarded as one of the easiest ways to provide favorable conditions for thermophilic plants during the first stages of growth. Farmers who want to grow crops under cover need to remember about a few basic principles that allow to get even growth and heavy yield.

Fertilizing with humic acids – beneficial for both farmers and consumers

Crops grown under cover require specific soil preparation. Before covering the seeds and saplings with plastic sheet, it is recommended to use soil improvers that facilitate the intake of nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium that are necessary for proper metabolism. Additionally, they will also eliminate the risk of accumulation of toxic elements in vegetables and fruit by binding them into compounds that are not available to plants. The scientific studies conducted in recent years have shown that mineral fertilizers that have been used until recently are not suitable for crops grown under cover. Elevated concentration of mineral salts in soil very often leads to root system burns and does not provide the optimal level of nutrients – micro elements, vitamins and amino acids. This is where natural fertilizers come into play, including the increasingly popular biohumus. At present, growers can use THE TOTALHUMUS, an innovative ecological fertilizer for vegetables and fruit which not only functions as a soil improver and plant growth stimulator, but also as a product protecting crops from unfavorable weather conditions. Its advantage over organic fertilizers in the form of manure or compost lies in the fact that this product is entirely free of contamination by parasites, their eggs and spore forms, as well as harmful chemical compounds, limiting the growth of plants and lowering the nutritional and flavor values of vegetables and fruit. This fact is of special importance to farmers who grow plants under cover, because the raised temperature and humidity facilitate the growth of parasites and pathogens that can destroy crops during the first stages of their growth. It is also worth mentioning that covers form a physical barrier, separating crops from plant protection products and allowing for efficient pest control.

THE TOTALHUMUS – more than just a fertilizer

THE TOTALHUMUS is a natural humic fertilizer that is made from lignite and contains concentrated humic acids, fulvic acids and humins that facilitate the creation of humus that is the primary source of nutrients for plants. Organic fertilization not only improves soil fertility and prevent its depletion, but also facilitates the growth of beneficial microorganisms that eliminate pests in a natural way and allow to maintain the lumpy structure of soil that guarantees proper soil aeration even when access to fresh air is limited. Humic acid present in THE TOTALHUMUS increases soil buffer capacity which makes it possible for soil to maintain the natural ability to regulate its reaction. Crops grown under cover are very often threatened by weeds, the growth of which is facilitated by soil acidic pH. Eliminating them is very difficult because the covers impede the effectiveness of spraying and the use of herbicides may lead to destruction of crops and suppression of flowering and setting of fruit. THE TOTALHUMUS is a water soluble fertilizer that significantly facilitates its application, even in the case of plastic tunnels with difficult access. It is worth mentioning that liquid humus is also used for the treatment of seeds and saplings. The organic acids protect young plants against harmful microorganisms, including mould that the farmers who are growing plants under cover are continually fighting with. Thanks to its ability to hasten the ripening of fruit it is commonly used as a natural fertilizer for strawberries and tomatoes, as well as for early varieties of vegetables, such as carrots, parsley, radishes, cabbages, lettuce or cauliflowers. When sprayed, it protects ripe fruit and vegetables against putrefaction, prolonging their shelf-life without changing their taste and smell.


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